Are you someone in Brooklyn, New York, who loves spending time outdoors and enjoying stunning mountain or water views from the comfort of your own home? Creating an attractive deck or balcony is likely high on your list of priorities. 

However, there is one critical element that you should keep in mind when building your outdoor railings that won’t obstruct your view.

While it may seem optional to your project, choosing the right railing can make all the difference in your outdoor experience. 

With proper railings, you can enjoy the scenery from any spot on your deck or balcony, whether you’re lounging or sitting. 

Plus, with various customization options available, you can design railings that seamlessly blend in with the overall aesthetic of your home’s outdoor space. 

Make sure to let unsightly railings separate you from breathtaking views. As a result, choose beautiful and functional railings.

Kinds of Railings

Railings are a crucial home component, providing functionality, practicality, and aesthetics. 

Typically composed of rail and supports, they can serve various purposes depending on the space’s specific requirements. 

While railings can enhance a home’s character and visual appeal, they provide an effective barrier.

Railings must be designed to meet specific performance requirements to ensure effectiveness. 

This includes the selection of durable and reliable materials that are suitable for the environmental conditions of the installation location.

The two primary types of railings serve multiple vital functions. Firstly, they establish a physical separation, whether it’s to mark boundaries or provide privacy. 

Secondly, they offer a sense of security, making occupants feel safe and secure. Railings can also provide a handhold for those who need extra stability, such as children or older people, and serve as a visual and physical reminder to proceed cautiously.

Overall, railings play a significant role in any home’s design, safety, and functionality. Choosing the correct type of railing can enhance the overall aesthetics of your space while also providing peace of mind and security.

The main types of railings are:


Guardrails are an essential safety feature in many settings, designed to protect people from potential hazards. 

They aim to prevent accidents and injuries, whether used in homes or along roadways.

In-home construction guardrails are typically used to prevent falls from platforms, decks, or landings. 

To ensure their effectiveness, they must be constructed using durable materials that can withstand significant impact and provide a reliable handhold for support.

While functionality is paramount, guardrails can also serve an aesthetic purpose in home design. 

With a wide variety of railing designs available, it’s possible to create railings that protect against falls and enhance the overall visual appeal of your outdoor space. 

These designs benefit those who want to enjoy the view of the outdoors without being obstructed by the railing.

In summary, guardrails are an essential safety feature that can be functional and visually appealing. 

By choosing the right design, you can create a protective barrier that doesn’t interfere with your enjoyment of the outdoors.


Handrails are essential to any structure, providing stability and security as you move from one position to another. 

They are designed to be grasped, providing a solid handhold in case of a stumble or loss of balance.

Handrails must be constructed using sturdy materials that can withstand significant weight and force to ensure their effectiveness. 

This is particularly important when located along stairways, ramps, long hallways, walkways, decks, and balconies.

Handrails serve an essential safety function in many settings, providing support and stability for those who use them. 

They’re a common feature in public spaces such as parks, playgrounds, and commercial buildings, as well as in homes and other residential settings.

In summary, handrails are a crucial safety feature designed to provide a secure handhold and prevent falls. 

Their strength and durability are essential to their effectiveness and can be found in a wide range of public and private settings.

Kinds of Railings for Flair, Form, and Function

Railings are a crucial element of any deck, balcony, or staircase, providing function and style. They can add character and personality to your home while offering safety and security.

Many options are available if you’re looking for a railing that won’t obstruct your view. Whether you’re overlooking the beach, rolling hills, or mountain vistas, some designs can complement your surroundings and enhance your outdoor experience.

To help you choose the best railing for your home, consider the following types and designs:


To create an unobstructed view with metal railings, you can design them similar to wood railings with wider-spaced posts and pickets. 

Metal railings have several benefits, including various colors and styles, such as square, round, and baroque, making them both strong and stylish. 

Additionally, they are easier to maintain and are relatively inexpensive. When choosing the type of metal, options include wrought iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. 

Although metal railings may not showcase your view, as well as glass or cable railings, they are a cost-effective option that creates a classic statement for your home.


A typical wood railing could be a great option if you’re looking for a railing that won’t obstruct your view. 

This type of railing typically includes posts, pickets, and a top and bottom rail, but you can choose broader and shorter pickets to provide ample space for your view.

But why settle for a plain, unremarkable railing when you can use the design to enhance your outdoor experience? With some creativity, you can turn a wood railing into a stunning frame for your view.

Add balusters and post caps to your wood railing to boost its aesthetic appeal. You can have them carved into decorative shapes that complement the style of your home, creating a cohesive look that ties your outdoor space together.

Choosing the correct type of railing and adding unique design elements can transform your deck, balcony, or staircase into a stunning work of art that provides safety and beauty.


A cable railing might be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a railing that won’t obstruct your view. Its open design allows you to enjoy the scenery and fresh air while maintaining safety. 

The unique horizontal placement of the cables, combined with either a metal or wood frame, creates a sleek and modern yet traditional look. You can even have a customized design for a unique touch.

One of the significant benefits of cable railings is that they are almost maintenance-free and can endure harsh weather conditions. 

This is because they are made with marine-grade stainless steel wire, known for their durability and strength.


If you’re looking for a way to showcase the view from your deck or balcony, consider the modern and stylish look of glass railings. 

They offer a sleek and minimalistic appearance, with tempered glass panels and polished edges that ensure safety and clarity of view. An aluminum post and rail frame are usually installed to hold the glass panels in place.

However, it’s important to note that installing glass railings can be complex and should be done by a professional. 

This makes them more expensive than other railing options. But the stunning and unobstructed view they provide may be worth the investment.

Railings for the Best View 

Railings offering clear views are popular for homeowners who want to enjoy their outdoor surroundings fully. 

Plenty of options are available if you prefer the sleek and modern look of glass panels. These railings add aesthetic appeal to your home and create memorable experiences by immersing you in the natural beauty surrounding you.