Investing in a fence improves your home’s security and privacy and enhances its overall aesthetic appeal.

Fences come in different styles and serve various purposes, such as blocking the view from the street or keeping your furry friends contained. When it comes to fence installation, you must consider several factors.

Luckily, we’ve gathered the information to help you choose the best fence that meets your needs.

Functions of Fencing

Before deciding on the size of the fence or the material to use, it is critical to first decide on its application:


If you live in a densely populated area like Brooklyn, NYC, consider installing a fence to break up the line of sight.


Even though a fence of any material can keep the outside world at bay, a barrier constructed of wrought iron or aluminum will offer the highest level of protection.

Contain Pets

Installing the appropriate fence ensures your beloved dogs stay safe within your property while keeping unwanted critters at bay. The fence must be tall enough to prevent your furry friends from jumping over it and should be free of gaps or openings that could lead to escape.

Vinyl and aluminum are the most common materials for this purpose. It’s worth noting that some fences provide both security and privacy, so seeking guidance from a fence installation expert in Brooklyn, New York is essential.

Types of Fences in Brooklyn

Aluminum Fencing

The most common and aesthetically pleasing metal is aluminum. While it does not give the finest protection, it is low-maintenance and adjustable to any other fence style. You may paint or customize it in whatever way you like.

Wood Fencing

A wooden fence not only offers privacy but is also a desirable option. It creates a cozy and welcoming ambiance without requiring a significant financial investment. However, the fence’s size and height greatly influence its cost, and the more lumber you use, the higher the expense.

PVC Fencing

Regarding fencing your yard, PVC is undoubtedly the most budget-friendly option. While less durable than wooden pickets and posts, PVC still does the job.

Builders add PVC sleeves to wooden posts, which serve as fence posts. It also strengthens stability and minimizes project expenses.

PVC fences come in various colors and heights, and you can attach them to the bars with glue or screws as needed.

Vinyl Fencing

Not only is vinyl fencing eco-friendly, but it’s also a cost-effective option that offers superior durability. Many manufacturers claim it’s five times stronger and more flexible than wood fencing.

In addition to being paint-resistant, vinyl fences require little to no maintenance – just a simple wash with soap and water to keep them looking brand new.

While the initial cost of installing a vinyl fence may be higher, its long lifespan and low maintenance needs make it a more affordable choice in the long run compared to other materials.

Iron Fencing

When you see houses with unusual decorations on their fences, the owners frequently choose wrought iron.

Although wrought iron is attractive and durable, it requires consistent maintenance. It has to be sanded down and repainted every two to three years if you want it to keep looking good.

It’s important to remember that wrought iron fences are custom-made and expensive.

Wrought iron is the best material if you live in Brooklyn, New York, and are considering getting a fence.

Installation is simple

Most wrought-iron fence makers cater to the DIY market, and the fences are created in panels. This makes installation so simple that you may complete it in a single weekend. 

The posts need to be spaced 7 feet apart, and the bracket may be attached to the bar with just a horizontal frame and a few screws.


This is the most crucial consideration regarding fences, and wrought iron is the ideal material for the job.

A robust iron fence deters unwanted visitors. You should preferably use automated gate openers to improve security and convenience.


Iron is the most long-lasting and durable substance on our list.

A wrought iron fence is not only robust to normal wear and tear, but it’s also able to survive unexpected damage, such as a vehicle collision. So if durability is a priority for your fence, this is a great choice.

The Various Types of Iron Fences

Wrought iron fence is available in a variety of styles, including:

Smooth Rail

It’s a modern design with horizontal rods on the spears. After that, a few pickets for decorations are presented to them.

Picket Fence

It comprises at least two horizontal rails with regularly spaced pickets. To add interest to your fencing, switch between short and long pickets.

Hairpin Design

This is an old fencing technique that is still popular today. It is identical to the picket design, except that the rails face downward, forming an inverted U shape that resembles an open hairpin.


The size of this type differs from that of the hairpin. The bow effect is achieved by using larger and broader fence panels.


As shown above, there are several fencing styles, each with advantages and disadvantages.

The most crucial thing is to examine your requirements and budget. There is a fence for any budget, and it all comes down to your needs.

Consider contacting Iron Metal Craft for wrought iron fence and gates installation services. We will collaborate to guarantee you have the most excellent fence material and design for your property.