One of the things that every homeowner and business property owner in Brooklyn, New York, is grateful for is the introduction of automated gates.

It was only seen in movies a few decades ago. Fortunately, today, many houses and estates have this gate system.

You need to install an automated gate system on your premise primarily because of its convenience and tight security. 

This article will demonstrate how to maintain and repair your automatic gate system.

How Do Automated Gate Systems Operate?

Before properly maintaining an automated gate, you must first understand how it works.

Understanding the system will help you understand it better, and, as a result, you will be able to discover how to avoid potential harm.

The gate operator and gate structure are an automated gate system’s two most significant components.

The gate structure is the physical body visible from any angle, similar to a typical gate made of wood, steel, or any other material that works for you. Nonetheless, the majority of the time, different varieties of iron or steel are employed in this sort of system since they are easy to maintain.

The gate operator is the second component. This operator is the device that allows your gate to open and close automatically anytime you enter or depart the property.

Automatic gates are also called electric since the gate operator is usually electric.

Meanwhile, there are numerous methods to use it. Some gate systems include control access panels, while others have sensors and may be opened remotely or wirelessly.

Why Do You Need to Repair Electric Gate?

Electric gates need maintenance and repairs, just like any other house structure.

An automated gate installation is expensive, so naturally, you’d want it to last as long as possible. This is one of the reasons why you should carry out routine maintenance.

The gate, the track, and the machine that controls the gate are all crucial parts of the system that need close inspection.

As it’s hydraulic or electrical, improper usage might cause complications for the operator. On the other hand, the gate structure and track may be affected by weather and climate changes, such as extreme heat and rainstorms.

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Gate Running Smoothly

Here are some ideas to keep your automated gate working well now that you understand how it works and why it needs to be maintained.

1. Always Clean the Gate

The electric gate should always be kept clean for optimal maintenance. This will apply not just to the structure itself but also to the perimeter around which it is erected.

You may have previously read this on every site covering automated gate maintenance and repair advice; therefore, it is advisable to follow it.

Of course, there are several methods to clean the system, and it also depends on the kind of material used for your gate. 

Sometimes cleaning with a clean towel is sufficient. This will assist in preventing corrosion of the iron or steel. If it rusts after a long period, try coating or repainting it.

Likewise, keep the track and gate operator clean at all times. Always keep the gate’s track clear of debris, particularly if it’s a sliding gate.

This will keep dirt and other things from sticking on the track. Keep the gate operator and electric board free of debris-like leaves similarly.

2. Check the Gate Regularly

It’s important to do routine checks to identify issues or confirm that everything is running well. While electronic gates rarely fail months or years after installation, you should not get comfortable.

Doing a visual inspection once a month should be enough. This lets you identify defects like corrosion and dents, among other things.

3. Lubrication

Automated gates are machines; thus, it needs lubrication. Of course, this does not apply to every component but to the essentials like the belt, wheel, or track.

Due to friction, it is crucial to lubricate and grease these parts. You may repeat this process twice or three times a year.

4. Protect It from Pests

Sometimes pests might endanger the gate structure, despite your best efforts to prevent it.

This is more likely if your gate needs to be cleaned. It is necessary to routinely monitor the electric board or panel that automates the movement of your gate since snails, insects, and tiny animals may certainly harm it.

5. Regular Maintenance and Adjustment

After a while, your automated gate may no longer perform as well as it once did or may need costly maintenance.

To avoid this, you should perform regular service and adjustments. Maintenance may include track modifications and small repairs to the gate operator’s electric board. Try to do this at least yearly.

Besides providing protection, installing an automated gate system will raise the value of your home.


Keeping your automatic gate system in top shape is essential for its functionality and longevity. 

The tips outlined above, including regular inspections, cleaning, lubrication, and parts replacement, can help you maintain and repair your gate system effectively. 

By implementing these practices, you can avoid costly repairs and ensure your gate system operates smoothly for years. 

If you reside in Brooklyn, New York, remember to consult Iron Metal Craft professionals if you encounter any major issues or need clarification on performing maintenance or repair tasks yourself.