Does investing in new windows make sense? You might find this information helpful to answer that question: properties with inadequate security features are five times more likely to be attacked by burglars. This is because the main entry points criminals use to enter homes are, you guessed it, unsafe windows and doors.

So, how can you deter burglars from breaking into your windows? Fortunately, you can make several window improvements to improve your house’s security. 

Take these improvements and safety precautions seriously if you intend to secure your house and protect your dear ones and valuable items.

Securing Your Windows

One of the common entryways for burglars is through windows. You will therefore require adequate window security to deter burglars. 

Remember that burglars who use violence target your windows first on most occasions. Iron bars may seem like the ideal solution for the best security, but they may not offer you the aesthetic look you want.

Keep reading for suggestions for deterring criminals from breaking into your windows.

1. Add locks to all windows

Invest in high-quality locks, and consider hiring a handyperson or locksmith familiar with the safest lock model to install on your windows to conduct the job professionally. Although this approach can appear the easiest, it often turns out to be the best.

You can install sash jammers and deadbolts, but choosing a large lock visible from the outside is your best choice. When the burglar sees this, it will make them think twice. They might even decide to stay away.

Consider the following selection from the Home Security Shop if you’re unsure about the best locks to use to keep criminals out of your house:

Install one or two high-quality security locks to make your window burglar-proof. In addition, you should install a secondary lock plus the primary lock to secure the window enough to deter robbers.

Moreover, even if you only leave the house briefly to run an errand, ensure your windows are locked. Burglars can access your home in as little as 90 seconds and as long as 12 minutes.

Burglars can outrun you to your short errand and are good at conducting the crime unnoticed. So, constantly lock the windows when going out or going to bed.

2. Install bars on your low-level windows

Although installing window security bars might not be the most visually pleasing option, they will offer a very efficient security feature for your property.

They serve as effective burglar deterrents by conveying to possible intruders that they must be confident they can fit through the bars to enter your property.

Ask your local locksmith business whether they specialize in creating window bars that complement your house’s appearance and aren’t overly intrusive.

Install bars, especially on the lower-level windows, that robbers might easily access. Then, you won’t need to remember to lock the windows each time you go out because they will always be protected.

To determine whether your home needs anti-burglar bars, think about the following:

The actual construction of window security bars consists of metal grids fastened to the structural framing by screws or bolts that pass through the window frames. The numerous kinds include:

3. Put a security system just outside the house

Alarms and sensors for windows are part of a window security system. Window alarms come in wired and wireless varieties. Wireless alarms are the most widely used.

However, you must monitor the battery life since the window alarm won’t work once it runs out. The benefit of a wireless window alarm is that provided the batteries are in good condition, they continue to function even during a power outage.

Because window alarms make a loud noise whenever the circuit is interrupted, they are particularly effective at keeping intruders away. 

Bright flood lights are another security system component for your home’s exterior. Installing floodlights is an excellent approach to discourage thieves because they prefer the dark. 

Floodlights with motion sensors turn on when someone approaches your house. As a result, it can help you find your way home at night and warn you from within the house if someone is coming.

Get an Iron Work Service to Upgrade Your Windows to Render Them Burglar-Proof

The most outstanding technique to keep robbers out of your windows requires careful planning. But who wants to jeopardize their family’s and home’s security? 

Burglars are skilled at taking advantage of flaws at the houses’ entry points, such as windows. Hence, these security measures will prevent home invasions.

Consult Iron Metal Craft, the best ironwork services in Brooklyn, New York. We’ll help you determine the perfect window security measures for your home’s style and decor.